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Логотип Нефть-СтандартIn the work we are guided by the principle "accuracy defines quality". For full compliance to expectations of our customers we concentrate our efforts on four directions:



Customer's benefits

Our customers are various companies of the chemical and petrochemical industry of Russia and the CIS countries. Our long-term practical experience showed an urgent need in an individual approach to each client and to each order. For this reason we are always open for a dialogue are ready to give help and consultations concerning delivery and usage of our CRMs. The Neft-Standart company pays much attention to each order regardless of the size and a territorial arrangement of the customer. You can be sure that we will carry out delivery of production necessary for you, to the term necessary for you, and way convenient for you.






Staff proficiency

The highly skilled laboratory and administrative personnel is the guarantee of Neft-Standart production quality.  The key staff of our laboratory has considerable experience of production and development of CRMs for more than 20 years. We pay much attention in work to professional development, transfer of knowledge between the staff of divisions, to trainings and certifications. The management of the company combines as administrative experience, knowledge and profile education, and considerable experience in the field of CRMs production.







Modern technologies, tools and equipment


Development and production of CRMs are not only the knowledge-intensive processes, but also the operations demanding the high-precision measuring equipment, implementation of modern techniques and tools. We constantly improve the technologies applied by us according to the best world and Russian practices. Our experience allows us to apply own practices and know-how with success in the work.







Sustainable development

The aspiration to continuous improvement in area of operational management is pledge of our sustainable development. We constantly work on improvement of a production and logistic chain and processes of development of new products to conform to requirements of our customers today and to be ready to remain your reliable partner in the future.


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JSC Neft-Standart

41, Oranienbaumsky prospect,

Lomonosov, Saint-Petersburg, 198412

tel./fax: +7 (812) 604-99-93

tel.: +7 (921) 338-Ol29

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Neft-Standart company successfully cooperates with leaders of an oil and gas industry of Russia and the CIS countries and also with the specialized organizations which are engaged in complex equipping of laboratories for many years. Our partners appreciate quality of our production - CRMs (Certified Reference Materials) of structure and properties of oil and oil products. The Neft-standart company highly appreciates loyalty of the partners and practices an individual approach to execution of all production and logistic chain - from purchase of high-quality materials, production of CRMs on the high-precision equipment, through to delivery of our production to the consumer.

For Dealers and Resallers

Neft-Standart - dynamically developing company which with optimism looks at expansion of the horizons of use of our products across the globe. We invite to cooperation of the companies specializing on delivery of the analytical equipment for laboratories and metrological accessories. Our company expands a dealer network and constantly works on improvement of a technique of work with our representatives for the maximum compliance to high requirements of customers.
The cooperation with Neft-Standart is mutually beneficial, rapid and reliable!

Our Contacts

In order to find more about the existing range of products, and also to discuss potential cooperation please use the following contact information:

+7 (812) 604-99-93

+7 (921) 338-Ol29

e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.